December 07, 2020

The Office of Career Development at the Busch School reports that 94% of the graduating class of 2020 have obtained full time employment or enrolled in graduate school within 6 months of graduation. The average salary range is also tracking above last year's rate, but has yet to be finalized. Both of these statistics are in spite of a tough job market due to the pandemic and the struggles of shifting online for the last few months of the 2019-20 academic year.

When COVID-19 struck, a number of students faced rescinded job offers or pushed back start dates. They learned to pivot to meet these challenges, and the faculty and staff at the Busch School were there to provide support for our students.

Brett LaPrad, Associate Director of Employer Engagement, details how the Busch School Office of Career Development worked to assist students, "In terms of pivoting, we did like everyone else and went completely virtual. That move allowed us to stay connected with students through virtual coaching, virtual interviewing for jobs, and virtual career development programming. It even allowed us to have greater flexibility with times for programs and coaching appointments, as well as allowing us to connect students with alumni and employers across the country in greater ways than in the past since everyone was living in a virtual work environment at the time." 

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The Busch School of Business prepares, educates, and supports students in securing professional opportunities by infusing Career Development into all aspects of the student experience. The school is dedicated to preparing students for their future careers, and the Career Development Team further assists students with defining their career visions and equipping them with the tools needed for success. The Career Development Team's mission is to guide students in discovering their vocationone that provides personal fulfillment and meaningthrough providing both traditional career preparation and unique experiential learning opportunities. Learn More