December 22, 2020

We're counting down the days left until Christmas by highlighting certain aspects of the Busch School that line up with the days in our countdown, akin to the 12 days of Christmas. With 3 days left, we celebrate our 3 case study classrooms!

Maloney Hall, home of the Busch School, houses 3 case study classrooms, and many professors are skilled in employing the case study method of teaching business. The advantage of this method is that students are actively engaged in the classroom exercises and develop problem solving skills, analytical tools, and a method for decision making.

Another benefit is that students are learning not just from the professor guiding the study, but also from the perspectives offered by their classmates. Drawing upon the diversity of experience and ideas of their classmates, students can uniquely craft their own hypotheses and take-aways from each lesson. Since the expectation is that every student is expected to participate, classmates learn to develop their thoughts and defend their own ideas.