February 08, 2021

Dean Abela wrote about his experience with You Need a Budget. His review was entitled "Budgeting at Work Was Easy, Why Was My Home Budget So Hard?"

"I’m the dean at a business school, and I’ve managed multimillion dollar budgets for years! I could do that, so how hard could a home budget be? It turns out: really hard."

"After what felt like the umpteenth accumulation of frustration and anxiety, I read about YNAB and thought I’d give it a try. That’s when I realized that the rules of accounting are not the best way to manage a home budget, and I discovered that YNAB’s Four Rules are. 

  • Rule 1: Give Every Dollar a Job
  • Rule 2: Embrace Your True Expenses (Plan for non-monthly expenses)
  • Rule 3: Roll With the Punches (Let your budget flex and bend!)
  • Rule 4: Age Your Money"

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