April 15, 2021


University Research Day (URD) at The Catholic University of America is a day when students, faculty, and staff come together to celebrate, share, and learn about the exciting research taking place at Catholic University. Over the past five years, URD has showcased the work of hundreds of students, faculty, and staff, including research on the economics of farmers in Ghana, evangelization in the New World, the effect of mindfulness in child development, and the automatic detection of concussions, among many others. The hallmarks of this research are its innovation, diversity, and global nature.

This year’s sixth University Research Day was virtual, making it available anywhere in the world.

Several faculty and students from the Busch School of Business participated in University Research Day this year through oral and poster presentations. You can see their projects here:

Co-Creating More Bang For Your Buck: Understanding consumers’ preference for do-it-yourself

  • Beatriz Bonetti, The Busch School of Business (Marketing Area), Faculty
  • Collaborator: Mario Pandelaere (Virginia Tech)

A Transaction Costs Perspective on Digital Platform Business Models and Governance Structures

  • Robert Nugent, The Busch School of Business (SMO), Faculty
  • Advisor: Tony Cannizzaro

 Predicting Patterns in Stock Prices with an Algorithm

  • Daniel Svogun, The Busch School of Business (Finance), Faculty

 Handbook of Catholic Social Teaching in Business and the Economy

  • Dr. Max Torres, The Busch School of Business (Strategy, Management & Operations), Faculty
  • Collaborator: Dr. Brian Engelland 

 Sustainable Initiatives at the Behavioral Level of the CUA Community

  • Sarah Diamond, The Busch School of Business (Master of Science in Business Program), Masters Student
  • Collaborators: Sydney Poindexter, Krisztina Nemeth, Mikyas Kisi and Victoria Schmotzer

 Cultural Diversity of Audit Committees and Firms’ Financial Reporting Quality

  • Dr. Robert Felix, The Busch School of Business (Accounting), Faculty
  • Collaborators: Mikhail Pevzner (University of Baltimore) and Mengxin Zhao (Securities and Exchange Commission)

 Brand Activism Case-based Research Study

  • Ally Fink, The Busch School of Business (Business), Undergraduate
  • Advisor: Dr. Andrew Abela

 The Power of the Purse: Finance in Opposition to Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories

  • Michael Juchem, The Busch School of Business, Undergraduate
  • Collaborator: Donald Michel
  • Advisor: Jack Yoest

 How did the Covid-19 Pandemic Affect the Market in Q3 and Q4 of 2020, and What does this Mean for 2021?

  • Michael McShea, The Busch School of Business (Finance), Undergraduate
  • Collaborators: Kathryn Cusumano and R. Thomas Consoli 
  • Advisor: Jack Yoest

 Unboxing the Unboxing Effect: The New Shopping Experience

  • Chelsea Meyer, The Busch School of Business (Marketing), Undergraduate
  • Advisor: Prof. Beatriz Bonetti

 Ever Present but Always Changing: The American Agricultural Ideal

  • Maureen Pierce, The Busch School of Business (Finance), Undergraduate
  • Advisor:  Dr. Kevin Rulo

 The Ramen Noodle Diet: Examining the Effects of COVID-19 on U.S. College Campus Food Insecurity

  • Mari Nicole Rosales, The Busch School of Business (Strategy, Management, & Operations), Undergraduate
  • Advisor: Kara Feidelseit