September 07, 2021

The Academic Services team's mission is to empower every student for academic success by timely and intentional connections to advisors and resources.

Deadline to Add / Drop for Credit

  • Friday, September 10, is the last day to register or add regular session courses for credit, including comprehensive exams. It is also the last day to drop courses from your schedule without a reflection on your official transcript. Instructions:

Deadline to Add / Drop for Credit

  • Friday, September 10, is also the last day to change or declare your specialization, minor, or school program for the Fall 2021 Semester. 
  • Specializations:  You can find the list of specializations offered by the Busch School here. To declare/change your specialization, students must submit the Declare/Change Specialization in Business Major. When doing so, be sure to include your second specialization if you wish to double-specialize. 
  • Minors: You can find the list of minors offered by the University here. Students should complete the Change of Minor Request (Add/Remove) Form. Refer to the Busch School webpage for more information regarding minors from the Busch School.
  • School Programs: To transfer between CUA programs/schools, students must submit the Transfer between Schools Form

Internship for Credit

  • Internship for Credit courses begin on Monday, September 13. Therefore, students have until Friday, September 17 to enroll.
  • You must apply for an Internship for Credit through the Career Development Application Process, instructions available here under "Internships for Academic Credit." Available Internships for Credit include:
    • ACCT 495A
    • MGT 495A
      • MGT 495B (Sports Management) 
    • MKT 495A
    • FIN 495A