August 31, 2021

Dan Curtin is our Our ELEVATE Program Manager. He grew up in Bethesda, Maryland before attending the University of Delaware for his undergraduate studies and Seton Hall University for his graduate studies. He spent two years in corporate recruiting upon completing graduate school and specialized in helping Washington, DC area companies hire accounting and finance professionals. Dan particularly enjoyed helping people grow their careers. He also advised companies on talent acquisition, salary targets, onboarding, performance reviews, and employee retention. 

Dan builds relationships with organizations throughout the Washington, DC area to partner with our Cooperative Education Program at the Busch School of Business. He builds these partnerships to help students transition from Catholic University into the workforce and to link organizations with the best entry level talent. Dan always aims to learn about student career goals, industry interests, strengths, technical skills, personal backgrounds, personalities, and aspirations to ensure the perfect organizational fit within ELEVATE.

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