August 11, 2022

Dr. Andrew Abela, Dean of the Busch School of Business, published an article titled, "Why I Will No Longer Use The Word ‘Woke’" on the Daily Wire. Dr. Abela's article detailed how the word "woke" has come to have a range of both positive and negative meanings, and how supporters of the free market economy can come to better define their opposition to Marxism.

"Once I finish writing this article, I will never again use the word 'woke' or any of its derivatives (wokeness, woke business, woke capitalism), and I recommend that everyone who cares about the market economy and freedom, itself, do the same.

Using the correct word, 'Marxist,' instead of 'woke' will show how absurd it is to speak of 'woke capitalism.' Instead of speaking about 'woke capitalism,' we would have to say 'Marxist capitalism' — but of course there is no such thing. There is only Marxism, pure and simple. Bringing Marxist ideas into the market economy does not lead to a kinder, gentler form of capitalism. It just leads to the destruction of free enterprise and its replacement by totalitarianism.

Abandoning the word 'woke' and saying 'Marxist' instead will make that clear."

Read the full article, "Why I Will No Longer Use The Word ‘Woke’"

*Note: the article is behind the Daily Wire paywall.