October 14, 2022

The Family Business Consortium hosted their Fall Business event, focused on exploring the numerous sources of family capital. Participants were welcomed by Dr. Anthony Cannizzaro, Director of the Family Business Consortium. The event covered various topics, such as economic outlook, leveraging the power of social media, social capital, human capital, and spiritual capital.

Guest speakers featured included:

  • Gerry Frigon - CEO, Taylor Frigon Capital, and host of the "Long Only" podcast
  • Cecilia Pappas - Social Media Influencer and Co-Founder, West of Perfection
  • Mary Katherine Wathen - Co-Founder, West of Perfection
  • Breanna Molinaro - Director, Ross Maintenance
  • Joe Pores - CEO, Call 4 Health
  • Francisco Lara - CEO, Lagar Brothers
  • Breanna Molinaro - Director, Ross Maintenance
  • John Reim - Managing Director, The Reim Moss Group, Morgan Stanley