November 17, 2022
After the success of The Cardinal Sports Association’s  “Working in Professional Sports Panel”, The Cardinal Sports Association hosted a Student Panel which allowed for current Busch School students who are interning in professional sports to share their experiences to their fellow classmates. Participating students included:
  • Owen Shields, Game Entertainment Staff employee at the Washington Nationals
  • Julia Szmyt, Business Operations Assistant at Georgetown University Athletics
  • Gracie Burford, Fan Development Intern at the Washington Capitals
  • Brian Reinhart, Facilities and Operations Intern at Lexington Legends

Students shared advice on how to find these internships and how to make yourself stand out at your internship in the sports industry.

Kelli Rasmussen, President of The Cardinal Sports Association, said “Our student panel was very helpful and successful. We are very grateful to our fellow CUA students for taking the time to share their experiences within the Sports Industry. Listening to different stories and perspectives is very helpful for us students looking to enter the business world.”