Cormac Terry

Vice President

What do you want to accomplish on the DSAC leadership team?

"As DSAC Vice President, I want to ensure that DSAC continues to be a crucial part of the success of The Busch School. I want to ensure that it is set-up to sustain its mission and that it is in a place to continue long after Mary Kate, Devon, Caroline, and I graduate. DSAC and The Busch School have been an integral part of my 4 years at CUA and so I want to ensure that it continues to do the same for others and that The Busch School is a better place when I leave."

What does the Busch School school mean to you?

"The Busch School of Business has been a sandbox for learning, in which I have become a better student, professional, and person. The nature of The Busch School is one that nurtures the development of concrete professional skills, but also creates an environment for networking and personal growth. I have been able to implement ideas and learn concepts in a way that has allowed me to become who I am today. Without the support of The Busch School to learn and practice the concepts I have learned in the classroom, I would not be the professional I am today."

What has DSAC taught you that will help in the future?

"DSAC has been influential in my development. It has taught me the skills needed to become successful in not only my career but also my life. Learning how to communicate your ideas in an effective manner and serve as a representative for others are lifelong skills. Being able to collaborate with my peers and understand how feedback that I give contributes to the greater success of the Busch School have been rewarding skills that I have learned from being an active member of DSAC."