Devon Anastasio

Social Media Coordinator

What do you want to accomplish on the DSAC leadership team?

"As a member of the DSAC leadership team, I want to help promote success in the Busch School. My goal this year is to work closely with the team to innovate new ideas that improve the student experience. I hope to advertise DSAC and create a space for students to get more involved in The Busch School activities and events."

What does the Busch School school mean to you?

"The Busch School has given me the opportunity to grow into the person I am today. Every faculty member truly wants the best for me and has provided me with avenues to help me launch into my future career. My peers within Maloney’s halls are like minded and push me to perform to the best of my ability."

What has DSAC taught you that will help in the future?

"DSAC has taught me the importance of continual growth. The DSAC team strives to continue to improve the Busch School, but also continuously pushes me to grow within myself becoming a force for good when entering the business world."