Year: Senior

Major: Finance

Sport: Football

Position: Quarterback

Hometown: Charlotte, NC

When did you develop a passion for your sport?

 "I developed a passion at a young age. Football has always been the sport that I love, and I have played the quarterback position since I was in 5th grade. My brother and I would spend countless hours throwing the ball around the yard since we were young."

Why was it important to you to play that sport in college?

"Being able to play college football has always been my dream and being able to do it in a big city like Washington, DC was an easy choice."

What has your experience been like as a student-athlete in the Busch School?

"I have had a fantastic experience being a student athlete in the Busch School. At Catholic, I have been a captain on the football team, I have been blessed to go on a Service Trip to Kingston, Jamaica, and I have been surrounded by a ton of great mentors in the Busch School that have helped me pursue a career in Finance."

What has your experience been like on your athletic team?

"I have loved every second of it. Playing Quarterback is a big responsibility but I have embraced every second of it. Being on a team that is full of brothers that I will have for the rest of my life has truly been a blessing. Football has taught me discipline and work ethic that I will carry with me for the rest of my life."

Have you been able to take advantage of other opportunities off the field? 

"I have had some amazing opportunities off the field. I have interned with Bank of America the last two summers, I have been to the Apple Training Institute representing the athletic department in Orlando, Florida, and I have been blessed to travel to Kingston, Jamaica on a service trip."

What advice do you have for prospective students looking to play a sport?

"If you have the opportunity to play a sport, I highly recommend that you do. Being able to be on a team surrounded by individuals who will also be your best friends is a great thing for freshman. Also, playing a sport keeps you organized, teaches you discipline, and being a student athlete will teach you hard work that will be instilled in you for the rest of your life."