The purpose of this new Council is twofold: to encourage support for the Busch School at the Leadership Annual Giving level; and to deepen relationships among the Busch School by connecting our faculty and students with Catholic University alumni and friends in the business world who share our mission of business as a force for good

Members will be asked to make a $5,000 to $7,500 gift to the Busch School’s annual fund to support several priorities within the School including:

  • Emergency Financial Aid -- As the year 2020 demonstrated, the possibility of disruption can bring job or income loss, which can impact a student’s ability to meet their financial needs associated with a higher education at Catholic U. Funds are being raised and to help meet this need.
  • Seed new initiatives and pilot programs for individual, institutional and corporate development to respond to emerging trends in the overlapping Catholic, academic, and business communities
  • New Faculty Research Projects -- Are Catholics good customers? How does practicing the virtues of patience and fortitude improve your business? Busch School faculty are constantly expanding the realm of business data, knowledge, and research about what makes the best employees and businesses
In gratitude for their generosity, Council of Stewards members will be afforded:
  • Direct connection with Busch School faculty, staff and students for the discussion and development of new ideas and projects
  • Early access to information about new endeavors from the Busch School

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