Kelli Rasmussen is a junior ELEVATE student from Phoenix, AZ. She accepted an internship at Good Sweat as an Expansion Management Intern.

What has been the most exciting part of being in the ELEVATE program so far?

"The most exciting part of being in the ELEVATE program so far has been the opportunities to communicate and make connections with so many different employers. There are opportunities left and right and when you find the right one for you, you get to ease into the process and start that journey into the business world."

What is one thing you have learned from your internship that is not something you learned in a classroom?

"Something that I have been able to do through my internship is draft many different emails and flyers/posters to send out to people all over the DMV area. I get to use my creative side along with my managerial personality to communicate and come up with different plans to help this local company expand and compete with big fitness gyms like Orange Theory."

How have your career path ideas shifted after starting your internship?

"My career path has not shifted from my main goal for future, but it has allowed me to become more interested in the marketing side of the business. I have been able to see all of the different sides of a business and it has widened my perspective and opportunities."

What advice do you have for students who are considering applying for the ELEVATE program?

"Get ahead of the game and start marketing yourself now. Making connections with people in the Busch school and/or in the professional world will help you move towards your main career goal. Try new things and get involved to build those connections and build your experience."