Advantages of Joining the Consortium

Unlimited participation for family members and key non-family employees in Family Business Consortium events.

Support family business education and research focused on the critical role families and family businesses play in society.

Networking and introduction opportunities with fellow family business leaders - a community that shares your values and challenges, and provides opportunities for friendship, communion and growth.

Introduction to and mentorship from best-in-class family business experts.

Connection to faculty and student consulting opportunities - including business planning, goal setting, and coaching - through the Busch School’s Ciocca Center for Principled Entrepreneurship.

Access to Catholic University Busch School of Business events throughout campus.

Access to Catholic University students for employment, internships, special projects and exclusive recruiting events via our Career Services.

Universal Eligibility

Unlike other family business organizations, there is not cost to participate. Our mission is simple - we exist to serve family businesses. We would not turn away those family businesses that need us the most.

We also recognize that definitions of family business are as diverse as our families themselves.  Unlike some family business organizations, we do not limit our definition of family business by generation or size. 

The Catholic University’s Family Business Consortium accepts all businesses that identify as family businesses. Whether your business has passed to the family’s third generation, or you are in the first, we recognize that we share common challenges and experiences. What unites us is our focus on family.