September 04, 2018

Earlier this month, the media and culture website Refinery29 released the results of a survey of millennial women. Most of the media coverage of the poll focused on the finding that a low percentage of women have a favorable opinion of Donald Trump and a high percentage want the Democrats to take control of Congress.

However, as Professor Michael New points out in hi blogpost the poll has some interesting findings regarding the attitudes of millennial women toward feminism and abortion.  Less than 50 percent of millennial women identify as feminists. Additionally, the attitudes of millennial women toward abortion are broadly consistent with those of the general population.

Overall, this the results of this poll are consistent with a body of survey data which shows that young adults often do not identify as Republican, but are skeptical of both abortion and feminism. Indeed finding strategies to effectively engage young adults is an important challenge and opportunity to pro-lifers and conservatives.

Read the blogpost at National Review: "New Poll: Millennial Women are Skeptical of Feminism and Abortion"

new-michael.gifMichael J. New is visiting assistant professor at the Busch School of Business.