October 24, 2018

In a series of articles on FiveThirtyEight.com, several authors spoke about the Sex Education Curricula in the United States. Most mainstream media coverage depicts abstinence-only sex education as ineffective, hailing contraceptives as the key to Teen Pregnancy Prevention. 

In his response to these articles on CNS News, Dr. Michael New responds to these claims, stating that these claims are faulty. He states, "Overall, there is a good body of evidence which shows that programs designed to encourage contraceptive use among teenagers are ineffective at best or counterproductive at worst". 

Read the full article and learn why Dr. New believes these articles to be misleading about the efficacy of sex education curricula. 

new-michael-color.gifDr. Michael New is Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science and Social Research at the Busch School of Business.