October 05, 2020

Last month, the Busch School of Business Office of Career Development, in collaboration with the Catholic University Center for Cultural Engagement, hosted 'Human Dignity in the Workplace,' to discuss issues of racism, discrimination, professionalism, and diversity in the modern American workplace. The webinar was led by 3 panelists and and moderator Javier Bustamante, Director of the Center for Cultural Engagement. Panelists included:

  • Alisa Boonyarag, Director of Campus Recruitment and Selection, Northwestern Mutual
  • Mohamed Diarra, Financial Representative, Northwestern Mutual
  • Dr. Lydie Loth, Social Science Analyst, CSOSA

Each panelist shared stories, advice, and encouragement from their own personal experiences as professionals working in Washington, DC. 170 students, faculty, and staff attended.

A fourth panelist, Andrew Wade, was scheduled to attend. Due to work commitments (the Washington Mystics making the playoffs), Andrew was unable to attend. Read more about Andrew's time in the WNBA Bubble here.

The next program is called 'Empowering Yourself in the Workplace'. It will be on 10/30 at 3pm and will be run by the former Program Director for the Washington Archdiocese Office of Cultural Diversity and Outreach, Sandra Coles-Bell. Register here.