March 29, 2021

Companies are looking for talented sales people graduating in May!

Enterprise Cloud Company: Nutanix Leadership & Vision

Nutanix, Inc. is a cloud computing company that sells hyper-converged infrastructure software, cloud services, and software-defined storage.

Class Technologies, Inc. Logo

Class Technologies Inc. is a technology company co-founded by education software pioneer and Blackboard co-founder and CEO, Michael Chasen. Due to COVID, millions of students are struggling online and education is changed forever. Class founded Class for Zoom to help the educational experience. For career opportunities.


ZoomInfo Technologies Inc. is a subscription-based software as a service company based that sells access to its database of information about business people and companies to sales, marketing and recruiting professionals.

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Our sales program is unique because it focuses on providing education and training for students to compete ethically in the world of selling. We combine the practical and intellectual training in sales with the principles of Catholic social teaching into the curriculum. The results have been extremely well-formed individuals who rise quickly into leadership positions at fast pace companies specifically because of their ethics training. Learn More