Are you a problem-solver who likes to work with people and build relationships?

Do you thrive in a competitive, goal-oriented environment?

Do you want to secure a job that is financially rewarding and fun?

Consider a career in Sales

The Busch School of Business is now offering a sales minor and a certificate in sales. All of our courses are taught by experienced sales professionals who are dedicated to teaching the next generation of sales leaders how to perform sales with integrity and build trust-based relationships.

Our sales program is unique because it focuses on providing education and training for students to compete ethically in the world of selling. We combine the practical and intellectual training in sales with the principles of Catholic social teaching into the curriculum. The results have been extremely well-formed individuals who rise quickly into leadership positions at fast pace companies specifically because of their ethics training. 

Through the sales program you will get the opportunity to:

  • Meet sales recruiters
  • Gain sale professional mentors
  • Attend Sales Industry Conferences, such as Palo Alto Ignite, Government Sales Summit By IMMIX and Splunk Public Sector
  • Obtain a lucrative career at some of the fast growing companies such as NetApp, Varonis, ImmixGroup, Morgan Stanley, and Active Navigation. 

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