August 13, 2021

Dr. Daniel Svogun, Assistant Professor of Finance, was featured in WalletHub's recent piece about cashing in on credit card rewards.

"I think the best rewards credit cards for most people are cashback cards with no annual fees. I just signed up myself, for example, for a Blue Cash Everyday (R) Credit Card from American Express. A similar card of this type is the Citi Double Cash Card. For someone unsure of the rewards card right for them, I think choosing one of these or similar, at least to start with, is a good idea.

In some unique circumstances, other cards might be better. For example, if you spend a lot of money at Amazon, or with Amtrak or Southwest Airlines, there are credit cards that have rewards points specifically tailored to these (and other) companies. Some of these cards include annual fees, but the dollar value of the rewards points may be higher than the 1-3% of purchase price or so offered by the best no-fee pure cash rewards card."

Read the full article, "Ask the Experts: Cashing in on Credit Card Rewards."


Dr. Daniel Svogun received his PhD in Economics from Fordham University’s Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. While there he taught courses in Statistics and Economics with particular attention to Finance. His teaching style emphasizes clarity, solid fundamental knowledge, and, where appropriate, multiple ways to explain and think about the topic at hand.

Dr. Svogun’s research is in Finance and particularly the intersection with morality. His first funded project, completed in the Summer of 2013, examined quantitative measures of corporate morality considering the correlation to corporate financial success. His current work in Finance focuses on technical analysis and the algorithmic trading of the stock market. That research includes both the design of these algorithms and the ethical implications of their use in recent instances of financial fraud, such as their contribution to the 2010 “Flash Crash.”