August 12, 2021

Professor Paul Radich successfully defended his doctoral dissertation, titled "Alasdair MacIntyre on the Role of the Economy in Fostering the Political Common Good."

In his dissertation, Professor Radich documented the role of the virtues in a life of human flourishing and then considered three main ethical, political, and economic criticisms of the capitalist economy, and showed from the history of metaphysics not only that Marx was wrong, but why he was wrong, trapped in a truncated metaphysical perspective which subverted his ethics, politics, and economics, and how he continues to influence MacIntyre.  He also develops responses to the three main criticisms of capitalism, informed by a Thomistic perspective which emphasizes the practice of contemplation, the moral virtue of religion, the infused cardinal virtues, and the moral character of profit ordered to the common good of the family, the poor, and the political community.

In addition to teaching, Radich provides consulting and training services on insight generation as well as on effective communication of complex information to many Fortune 500 companies and some government agencies. He has held research and writing roles at the Corporate Executive Board, and marketing and training roles for a high-tech firm. He received his Master’s degree from Catholic University, and two undergraduate degrees from the University of Notre Dame.