November 04, 2021

Two Busch School students, Caroline Beckett and Tucker Alch, have qualified and been selected to represent Catholic U in the Collegiate World Cup of Sales from November 9-13. Below, Caroline and Tucker share their how they're preparing to compete and how they originally got interested in sales.

What is the Collegiate World Cup of Sales? 

Caroline: "The Collegiate World Cup of Sales is a national sales competition that tests the top sales students from universities across the world. This competition is the ultimate measure of strategic decision making, relationship development skills, problem-solving skills, and presentation and speech skills. The competition consists of multiple events including a role-play competition, speed selling event, and sales management simulation event, and competitors are ranked based on their performances."

Tucker: "This competition is hosted by FSU and involves the top sales students in the country. It is a role play where competitors are asked to complete the same scenario and the best contestants move on to the next round."

How were you selected to participate? 

Caroline: "The head of the Catholic University Sales Program, Professor Mark Weber, selected two students who qualified and presented as strong sales candidates for the competition."

Tucker: "I was selected by Professor Weber after the first few weeks of class, I was ecstatic when he asked me to compete."

What kind of activities did you participate in? 

Tucker: "The role play involves Virgin Voyages cruise line and we are selling computer software security. We are also competing in a speed selling competition where we must prepare a 2-minute pitch for 4 separate companies. The prep work is hard but it is making me into a more well-rounded salesman."

Caroline: "I will be competing in the role-play event and the speed selling competition. The role-play event is a four-round, tournament-style competition where the top two competitors from each room advance to the next round based on their performance. This role-play scenario reflects a real complex selling situation and competitors work to develop needs, present a solution and engage a final purchase decision. The speed selling event consists of two rounds of “elevator speech” type presentations and each competitor is awarded points based on their performance."

How are you preparing for this event?

Caroline: "In preparation for the competition, I am researching the specific companies being represented in the role-play event and creating a sales approach to best identify the customer’s needs and their best steps moving forward. To prepare for the speed selling competition I have created unique pitches pertaining to the companies I am presenting to and practicing with my sales program peers. The interactive role-playing activities that students perform in Mark Weber’s class have also been extremely helpful in receiving constructive feedback and developing best practices."

Tucker: "Caroline and I have been researching and practicing together. We are gathering information on both our company Reliaquest, its software (Greymatter) and Virgin Voyages cruise line."

How did you originally get interested in sales? 

Tucker: "My interest in sales comes from my mother making a career out of it and when I came to Catholic University, I heard great things about the sales program from some upperclassmen so I decided to jump in and get involved. It was a great decision. I like sales because it involves personal relationships and building rapport with clients, which is something that I believe I am skilled in."

Caroline: "My interest in sales originally sparked from my excitement to work with others paired with my strong ability to effectively communicate. My interest also stems from my eagerness to join a fast-paced, innovative environment, and a career in sales offers a competitive path where opportunities are endless, and growth is exponential."

What advice do you have for students who want to participate next year? 

Caroline: "My advice for students who want to participate in the Collegiate World Cup of Sales is to put their best foot forward and truly dive into all the opportunities the competition offers. While there are some amazing prizes offered to those who perform exceptionally well, being a part of the competition opens doors to a variety of opportunities as well. For example, students are invited to a career fair with some of the leading companies in our business world today. This competition is a chance to push yourself and perfect your sales skills while also launching your career into motion."

Tucker: "My advice if you want to participate would be to try and get some sales experience as well as enrolling in one of the sales classes. Professor Weber has been a huge help throughout the entire process so I would also try to talk to him."

Learn More about the Sales Program

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