February 25, 2022

The Catholic U Sales Program held its Annual Spring Sales Social at Spider Kelly’s in Arlington, VA. Over 200 students, alumni, faculty, and employers networked and celebrated the accomplishments of current and former students in sales.

Professor Weber highlighted several alumni, students, and employers for their special contributions to the program:

Alumni of the Year

  • Bridget Beck (Zscaler)
  • Rachel Mascolo (Varonis)
  • Matt Meade (Paycom)
  • Emily Prendergast (MemoryBlue)

Students of the Year

  • Brooke Falvey
  • Mike Marie

Sales Sponsors of the Year

Everyone at the event enjoyed supporting the sales program and are patiently awaiting the next sales social in the fall!

Learn More about the Sales Program

Our sales program is unique because it focuses on providing education and training for students to compete ethically in the world of selling. We combine the practical and intellectual training in sales with the principles of Catholic social teaching into the curriculum. The results have been extremely well-formed individuals who rise quickly into leadership positions at fast pace companies specifically because of their ethics training. Learn More