Hi, LEO members! I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying some quality time with your loved ones. My name is Ana Torres, and I am running for Vice-President. I am from Managua, Nicaragua, a country filled with beautiful beaches and volcanoes. I enjoy traveling and meeting new people. I am majoring in Finance and minoring in both International Business and Italian Studies. I consider myself a dedicated and committed person. I am very determined when it comes to getting things done and accomplishing the goals I set for myself. 

Working along with the other officers, I will implement my organizational, leadership, and teamwork skills to plan the best events for the Fall and Spring. I look forward to this upcoming Fall semester, which will be filled with new beginnings and memorable events. With everything that has happened, we will definitely be more appreciative of our time at CUA. I hope you allow me to represent you as your Vice-President so that we can make the best out of it.