Pope Leo XIII Honor Society is the academic honor society of The Tim and Steph Busch School of Business. The society is inspired by the learned example of Pope Leo XIII who signed the charter for the Catholic University of America at its founding and whose encyclical, Rerum Novarum, led to the 1895 creation of the Department of Economics.  This department later became the Busch School of Business in 2013. 

Pope Leo XIII was a great educator who wrote and published eighty-five encyclicals. Student membership in the Pope Leo XIII Honor Society is determined by selection of the Busch School’s academic leadership and Dean.  The Pope Leo XIII Honor Society recognizes high achievement and extraordinary academic excellence. In honor of Pope Leo XIII, thirteen seniors are accepted each year.


Leo XIII Honor Society Inductees

Selected Seniors 


Michael Corado

Finance — BSBA

Minors: Entrepreneurship & Comp. Sci.

Rachel Garfield

Marketing — BSBA

Minors: Rhetoric & Writing, & Spanish

Jackson Martinez

Accounting — BS & Theology 

Joseph Enzler

International Business — BA

Minor: Italian Studies

Lauren Ferraro

Finance — BSBA

Minors: Accounting & Asian Studies

Elizabeth Volpe

Strategy, Mgt & Ops: BSBA

Minor: Spanish

Cassandra George

Finance - BSBA

Minor: Theology

Emma Pederson

International Business — BA & German Studies

Julia Barakat

Accounting — BS

Abigayl Maser

Accounting — BS

Minor: Management

Kelsey Feeley

Finance — BSBA

Minor: Marketing

Taryn Watford

Finance — BSBA

Minor: Management

Megan Reilly

Marketing — BSBA

Minor: Rhetoric & Writing