Explore the Busch School's partner programs with other schools at Catholic University and our accelerated 3-year program.


Bachelor of Arts in Business Double Major

This secondary major program requires fewer credits than the full B.S.B.A. and is designed to be taken in conjunction with a major from another school within the University. Learn more about the Bachelor of Arts in Business Degree


Double Major in Business and Philosophy

Integrate your preparation for a business career with a broader understanding of reality, with confidence in the human capacity to achieve truth and to live thoughtfully in its light. Learn more about double majoring in Business and Philosophy

student playing tuba

Dual Degree in Music and Business (B.A. & B.S.B.A.)

This rigorous program under the Rome School offers the advantages of in-depth business training in management and marketing, plus a solid musical education with a liberal arts foundation. A student earns two degrees in four years. Learn more about the music-business dual degree

3-Year B.S.B.A. Degree

Earn a bachelor’s degree from the Busch School of Business in just three years. Learn more about the 3-year Accelerated B.S.B.A Degree