A double major in business and philosophy allows you to integrate your preparation for a business career with a broader understanding of reality, with confidence in the human capacity to achieve truth and to live thoughtfully in its light.

Advantages of the double major include:
  • Holistic Problem Solving: Studying philosophy over the ages guides you to knowledge of the whole of reality, and encourages deeper reflection on all the factors involved in a decision. In business, this means greater creativity in promoting efficiency, innovation and the dignity of the human person at the same time.
  • Sharper Critical Thinking: Philosophy equips you with the ability to analyze complex problems, recognize and evaluate assumptions, and develop sound arguments. These skills are invaluable paired with the practical exercises of strategic planning and decision-making in business.
  • Virtuous Leadership: Philosophy further challenges you to explore the foundations of ethics and morality, preparing you to be a courageous leader in navigating the ethical dilemmas of today’s corporate world. 
  • Collegial Mindset: The discipline of reading philosophical texts, defending a viewpoint, and accepting correction fosters a preference for truth over convenience, a capacity to welcome constructive criticism and an openness to solutions proposed by others in the workplace.
  • Distinctiveness in a Competitive Job Market: Recruiters and employers look for candidates who are set apart from the competition. A double major shows a commitment to academic rigor and the development of a diverse skill set.

This is an academically rigorous program, which requires carrying at least eighteen credit hours most semesters, with some variance depending on math and foreign language placement. Students complete all major-specific requirements for both majors. All of the liberal arts/general education requirements are completed based on the specific rules of a student’s primary major.

Sophomores/Juniors with CUM GPA 3.2 or higher: Application for Double Major

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