In the 21st-century workplace, human resource professionals are at the center of important management and policy issues impacting the organization, its people, and its public profile. Embracing a background of Catholic anthropology, both our study and practice of human resource management give us a strategic advantage in knowing the true good and end of man.

The courses in the specialization explore all aspects of the profession of human resources as a strategic business partner, including but not limited to the psychological factors and material incentives underpinning human motivation; the strengths and weaknesses of various organizational forms; the ability to attract and retain competent employees; and the intricacies of effective employee development, performance management, and culture development. Since the Specialization embraces Catholic Social Teaching in the context of sensitive and complicated internal and external business realities, students enter the workplace with a unique perspective that prepares them to be valuable, strategic, and mission-focused leaders.

Specialization courses include:

  • MGT 311: Organizational Behavior (Fall Semester Only)
  • MGT 330: Management of Human Resources (Spring Semester Only)
  • Electives (choose two)
    • MGT 302: Completed Staff Work (Fall Semester Only)
    • MGT 410: Conflict Resolution (Fall Semester Only)
    • SRES 408: Evolution of Business, Human Rights & ESG (Fall Semester Only)
    • SRES 411: The Business of Civil Rights (Spring Semester Only)