This Specialization emphasizes the criticality of leading people in a common mission. The essential components of human motivation are thoroughly explored -- from psychological factors to material incentives.  Various forms of organization are studied for their strengths and weaknesses. We also investigate rewards and punishments in the context of regular performance reviews. Many elements of Catholic intellectual tradition are included in this Specialization, such as Pope Leo’s famous encyclical Rerum Novarum on the nature and dignity of work. Students graduating with this Specialty enter the workforce prepared to be leaders of men and women united in the pursuit of a common good. 

Specialization courses include:

  • MGT 311: Organizational Behavior (Fall Semester Only)
  • MGT 330: Management of Human Resources (Spring Semester Only)
  • Electives (choose two)
    • MGT 302: Completed Staff Work (Fall Semester Only)
    • MGT 410: Conflict Resolution (Fall Semester Only)
    • SRES 408: Evolution of Business, Human Rights & ESG (Fall Semester Only)
    • SRES 411: The Business of Civil Rights (Spring Semester Only)