The Master of Science in Business (MSB) degree offers students an accelerated two semester program to learn and practice business skills as they transition from academia to their career. With our job placement rates and career guidance, parents can rest assured that their student is investing their time and money into a meaningful education that results in a well-paying, productive career.


The Financial Perspective

We have designed the MSB Program to be completed in one academic year in order to optimize the cost of the program for our students. Financial Aid is available to students through the Office of Financial Aid and the Grad Plus loan. As the graph below indicates, a student with an undergraduate liberal arts can general expect to earn about $40,000 coming out of undergraduate school. The students with this degree will earn salaries averaging $71,500 based on the class of 2022 graduates. Therefore, this high return on investment allows our students to satisfy their loan commitments within 2-3 years and begin saving for the future.

MSB Graduates Outearn Liberal Arts Grad 2:1
with Promotions and Opportunities