Accomplish more with your Liberal Arts/STEM degree

From the first day of the program, you will be coached in preparation for career success and given the necessary skills to land that all-important first job. Our goal is that every student in the program, before graduation, will have an attractive, well-paying job that will be your first step to a successful and honorable career. Whether you've studied science, technology, engineering, math, or any of the liberal arts, this program provides the tools to allow you to pursue your passion in business. 

You will complete a core curriculum of the necessary language, skills, tools and processes to give your career an accelerated start in business, government, or not-for-profit. Students are also provided unique opportunities to put into practice business skills acquired during the program:

  • Internships

    When a student decides to join our program, we have an "on-boarding" meeting to discuss a student's interest and to provide all of the resources we have to help the student secure an internship. Our students intern during the morning, and take classes in the afternoon. Internships are meant as practical experiences to add business knowledge and skills while earning some extra money. A typical week for our students blends career, professionalism, and academics. The schedule below is an example of our classes from Fall 2019 (subject to change):


  • Field Team Study Capstone Projects

    During the second semester, our students participate in the Field Team Study Capstone project. The capstone project is a semester long consulting project to solve the real-world business problem of a company in the D.C. area. We teach our students how to collect data, present it professionally, and to apply business skills they've learned in the first semester to their business problem. We've worked with companies such as Amtrak, Microsoft, the D.C. government, GloveStix, and Securiport. 


  • Local Company Visits

    We visit local companies throughout the course of the first semester to expose our students to different businesses and demonstrate that good jobs can be found at local firms and large companies. Students hear from a selection of departments in the individual companies to discover which jobs might appeal to their interests. We've visited companies such as Verizon, RiskLens, Infinitive, and Wunderman.


  • New York City Trip

    Our New York City trip is a week-long trip to the "Big Apple" where we visit 10-12 companies for students to experience a day in the life of various businesses. Students put professionalism into practice, build their networking skills, and meet several MSB alumni in the city. Notable companies have included Google, Morgan Stanley, WeWork, Interbrand, L'Oréal, and many more.


  • "Thirsty Thursday" Speakers

    Every other Thursday, we invite local business, government, and entrepreneurship leaders to come and talk with the class in an informal setting, all while enjoying a pizza and a beer.


Foundations of the Program

Founded on Catholic Social Doctrine, the core principles of the program are: solidarity — the firm commitment to the common good; subsidiarity — the recognition that larger institutions should not interfere with the legitimate freedom of smaller organizations; and respect for human dignity. The Master of Science in Business experience provides a thorough immersion into these principles, both in and outside the classroomThe significance of these principles is evident to all, regardless of background.