Have you ever wondered what it was like for General Stanley McCrystal to put his leadership into action on the front lines? Ever wondered how the culture at Southwest Airlines grew so strong? Ever contemplated launching a successful startup like HonestTea founder and CEO, Seth Goldman? The CEO Lecture Series provides that opportunity.

Every semester, we invite reputable CEOs and inspiring leaders to speak to our student body. These high-profile individuals share how they achieved their career goals, as well as the twists and turns of business, faith, and family that accompanied them along the way. Our guest speakers provide opportunities for Q&A with the students and time to network after the presentation. The CEO Lecture Series is a glimpse into the many possibilities that are awaiting students upon graduation.

  • CEO Lectures have included:
  • Tom Nealon - President, Southwest Airlines
  • Seth Goldman - co-founder of Honest Tea
  • John Campion - Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, APR Energy
  • Arthur Brooks - President, American Enterprise Institute
  • Tim Busch - CEO, Pacific Hospitality Group
  • Gen. Stanley McChrystal (Ret.) - United States Army
  • Larry Kudlow - CNBC's The Kudlow Report

See below for a selection of their lectures:


Frank Hanna - CEO of Hanna Capital

March 16, 2021

Jodie McLean - CEO of EDENS

February 17, 2021

Ambassador Robert Lighthizer - U.S. Trade Representative

September 8, 2020

Jeff Cherry - Executive Director of Conscious Venture Lab

April 7, 2020

Senator Marcio Rubio - United States Senator

November 8, 2019

Claire Huang - Independent Board Director, Zions Bancorporation

October 14, 2019

Matt Birk - Former NFL Player for the Baltimore Ravens

October 16, 2019

Brigs Sorber - CEO of Two Men and a Truck

September 18, 2018

John Campion - Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of APR Energy

August 13, 2018

Carly Fiorina - Former Hewlett-Packard CEO

October 24, 2017

Juan Jose Daboub - CEO, The Daboub Partnership

April 18, 2017

Arthur Brooks - President of the American Enterprise Institute

January 18, 2017

Seth Goldman - Former CEO of Honest Tea 

March 25, 2015