Luke Burgis


Entrepreneur-in-Residence and Director of Programs & Projects Luke Burgis is co-author of Unrepeatable: Cultivating the Unique Calling of Every Person. Luke spearheads the Ciocca Center's CEDE ("Catholic Entrepreneurship and Design Experience") project to teach business from a Catholic perspective and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit in Catholic high schools.  

After a brief career in investment banking and private equity, he started his first company at age 24 and was named a “Top 25 Entrepreneur Under 25” by Business Week. Luke went on to start several more companies in diverse industries: technology, consumer products, and food. He is the co-founder of ActivPrayer, a movement in the sports and fitness industry to honor the full dignity of the human person and create fellowship between athletes and coaches who share a "spirituality of play". 

Luke is member of the Board of Directors of Father Vincent Capodanno High School and the Principled Entrepreneurship Institute at Marin Catholic high school in the Bay Area, California. He is an expert in René Girard's mimetic theory, the topic of his new book. Wanting: The Hidden World of Desire (St. Marin's Press) will be available in early 2021. Luke blogs and writes regularly at