Every student who graduates from the Master of Science in Business degree has a story to tell about how the knowledge they gained, the experiences they had, and the career counseling they received while in the program led them to a job in their field. It's part of the culture of the MSB Program that students are prepared for the job market. 

Liberal Arts Majors:

  • Margaux Arieta, '17
    Margaux Arieta, '17
    Business Analyst
    REI Systems
    Major: Psychology
    College: Catholic University
  • Anatole Doak, '14
    Anatole Doak, '14
    Director of Sales
    Major: Music
    College: Georgetown University
  • Caroline Gangware, '13
    Caroline Gangware, '13

    Director, Risk Ops.
    Morgan Stanley
    Major: Political Science
    College: University of Illinois

  • Meredith Kirsch, '11
    Meredith Kirsch, '11
    Product Manager
    Major: Public Service
    College: Providence College
  • Julie Larkin, '14
    Julie Larkin, '14

    Founder & Executive Director
    Our Girl Talk
    Major: Psychology
    College: Catholic University

  • Bryan Levine, '12
    Bryan Levine, '12

    Production Manager
    CRAFT Media | Digital
    Major: Media Studies
    College: Catholic University

  • Patrick Six, '12
    Patrick Six, '12

    Global Account Director
    McCann New York
    Major: Theology/Philosophy
    College: Thomas Aquinas College

  • Fred Thomas, '18
    Fred Thomas, '18

    Public Sector Solutions
    Major: Liberal Arts
    College: Thomas More College of Liberal Arts

  • Neil Watson, '13
    Neil Watson, '13

    Senior Manager
    Major: Entrepreneurship
    College: JP the Great

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics majors: