Every student who graduates from the Master of Science in Business degree has a story to tell about how the knowledge they gained, the experiences they had, and the career counseling they received while in the program led them to a job in their field. It's part of the culture of the MSB Program that students are prepared for the job market. 

  • Luke Bader

    Luke Bader, MSB '17, is the Director of Membership and Programs at the FAIR Institute. Before joining the program, Luke was an undergraduate Politicial Science major at The Catholic University of America.

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  • Paige Hall

    Paige Hall, MSB '21, is the Learning and Development Coordinator for Airbus. Before joining the program, Paige was an undergraduate Spanish major at North Dakota State University.

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  • Neil Watson

    Neil Watson, MSB '13, is in charge of Consumer & Market Insights at Tillamook. In undergrad, Neil was an Entrepreneurial Business major.

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